We Buy Cars

Have an old car you need to get rid of in Washington? We buy cars in Washington and are dedicated to getting you the most money possible. We make selling your car as painless of an experience as possible. You don’t have to worry about bringing the car to us or scheduling an appointment with our shop. Our team of certified quote professionals can visit your home or business and give you a fast quote on the car you are trying to sell. We guarantee that when you sell your car to our business you will get more money than you would with any other vendor.


We originated as a small business whose primary goals were to make sure that our customers were satisfied and well compensated for their vehicle. We accept all types of cars. It doesn’t matter if it no longer runs, or If you just bought it last year but decided you wanted a different model. Our business model revolves around one major point, customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is so vital to our business because it is our strongest form of advertising. We primarily receive new business from people like yourself who are completely content with the level of service received. We simply cannot afford to leave any customer unsatisfied any manner.


In today’s market, it is almost impossible to be sure you got the best offer for your car. Even before today’s economic trouble’s you could never be completely sure about the quote you were offered. We are different for two reasons. For one, all of our quotes are done by specialists with years of experience in car appraisal. The other is that before we come and visit your home for inspection, we will compile information gathered from other merchants in the area and will compare and adjust the offer accordingly. This is so you can be completely sure that the offer you’re getting is the best offer possible. In case you’re worried, all of our quotes are free and guaranteed accurate. Any additional fees will be explained upon request. You can call or visit our business to find out more.

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